Ongoing help for select doctors & clinics to acquire new patients through excellent digital marketing strategies, superior branding & image control, & outstanding social management.

We provide full service marketing to select medical practices.

Everything we do is designed to get you new patients: Web site, Logo, Social Management, Advertisements, Search Optimization, Videos, Pay-per-click, Print, Branding, Image, Mobile, iBook, PR, Review Management, Reputation Management and more...

Complete List of Medical Marketing Services
  • On-Line Strategy

    We approach web design from a mobile perspective -- notice how clear this web site is and how this web site responds to the screen size. That's the world we live in. Everything we do is designed to help the right patients reach you. We create micro-web sites that are designed to address your patients needs.

  • Search Visability

    We optimize your chances of being found on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We manage search pay per click campaigns so that you're paying less and getting more & better quality leads than your direct competitors.

  • Video Production

    Let’s face it. People like to watch. We help you create video that speaks the language your patients need to hear and understand. Through video, we give patients and caregivers the comfort they need to move forward. Here is an example short blog video we produced for a plastic surgeon in New York. Please call […]

Recent Medical Marketing Pieces

Example advertising or promotional work for marketing our client's medical practices. Healthcare marketing is what we do -- our single focus.

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Free Medical Marketing Tips & Training

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  • Email Marketing for Your Practice

    Baydin, the makers of email plugin Boomerang, recently extracted data from five million emails its users handled. According to the data, loading your message with words such as “confirm,” “join,” “press,” or “invite” is not a good idea if you want a response. Here are a few other tips we extrapolated from the data. The […]

  • Want to Engage Patients in Facebook?

    Modern medical advertising is digital. A big part of digital advertising these days is Social. In a social world we want to engage our viewers or followers. We want to have social reach so that we’re in their minds when they need our help. So how does a clinic or hospital engage their so-called “Friends” […]

  • Content Strategy & Calendar for Medical Marketing

    Making content for your practice requires a bit of publishing basics. Here is the general step by step process for a good content strategy and a list of great tools that we use to help dress up the content. Can you type? Can you make a spread sheet? Can you upload a picture? Then you […]